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Medical cosmetics of the UCderm brand – efficacy and tolerance clinically tested and confirmed

Unique and proven ingredients

Dermatologically and clinically tested with success

Not tested on animals

Developed and made in Germany

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Intensive skin care products for individual beauty needs

Specific beauty needs require targeted solutions. That’s why we’ve developed each UCderm skincare product with a specific beauty result in mind. Each product can be used individually or in combination to, for example:

  • Gently smooth out expression lines and dryness lines,
  • Promote the skin’s own collagen and elastin formation,
  • Reduce redness and irritation and even out skin tone,
  • Minimise signs of skin ageing,
  • Grow lashes naturally longer, thicker and stronger,
  • Emphasise and care for the volume of the lips,
  • Make the eye area appear more awake and radiant and
  • Protect the skin from UVA and UVB rays – without a greasy skin feeling.

UCderm botulin effect

Relaxes facial features in a similar way to botulinum toxin – without injections

The anti-ageing serum UCderm botulin effect works with a noticeable immediate effect against fine expression lines and dryness. The active ingredient spilanthol, extracted from paracress, noticeably relaxes the facial features. Fine wrinkles are reduced and their formation is prevented. Supported by the moisture-storing and moisture-retaining properties of hyaluronic acid and silver hair grass root, the skin appears soft, relaxed and refreshed.

UCderm amazing lashes

Makes natural lashes grow stronger, longer and thicker

The active ingredient concentrate UCderm amazing lashes promotes the natural growth of the eyelashes and, if desired, also of the eyebrows. A prostaglandin derivative and a peptide prolong the growth phase of the eyelashes and delay their fall. Chamomile, panthenol and hyaluronic acid simultaneously provide intensive care for the lash hairs and the adjacent skin area. Result: Stronger, longer, more voluminous and intensively nourished lashes in just a few weeks.

UCderm lip volume

Gives lips more volume, healthy colour and concentrated nourishment

The special combination of active and nourishing ingredients in UCderm lip volume gives the lips a little more volume, makes them rosier and nourishes them at the same time. Combined with a slight tingling sensation, chilli extract and camphor visually maximise lip volume – without injections. Natural oils and waxes such as almond oil, soya oil, shea butter, beeswax and lanolin keep the lip skin supple, protect it from external influences and give the lips a natural shine.

UCderm bee venom

Activates the skin’s regeneration process with real bee venom

The anti-ageing serum UCderm bee venom with its combination of genuine bee venom and hyaluronic acid ensures a gently smoothed, healthy and radiant complexion. The bee venom increases blood circulation to the skin, supports its natural renewal process and stimulates the skin’s own collagen and elastin production. High- and low-molecular hyaluronic acid intensively moisturises the skin and increases its suppleness. With regular use, the skin appears more even, firmer and fresher.

UCderm snails cure

Gently renews the skin with pure snail mucus

The anti-ageing serum UCderm snails cure nourishes the skin with real snail secretion. It provides the skin with numerous nutrients such as proteases, allantoin, collagen, elastin, glycolic acid, enzymes and vitamins A and E. This strengthens the skin’s own defences, improves moisture levels and counteracts redness, skin irritations and typical signs of ageing. With regular use, the skin appears softer, finer and more even.

UCderm shining eyes

Gives the eye area a fresh, relaxed radiance

The highly concentrated, ingredient-rich anti-ageing serum UCderm shining eyes provides the delicate skin around the eyes with everything it needs for a fresh, rested glow. It combines skin-regenerating peptides, proven antioxidants and revitalising ingredients that intensely hydrate the eye area, strengthen the skin’s natural resilience, reduce puffiness and gently smooth fine lines and wrinkles – for more firmness, elasticity and a youthful expression.

UCderm invisible sun protection

Effectively protects the skin from UVA and UVB rays without leaving a greasy or sticky skin feeling

Sprayed on generously and evenly, UCderm invisible sun protection forms an invisible and imperceptible sun protection film on the skin. Precisely coordinated organic filter substances absorb and neutralise the UVA and UVB rays emitted by sunlight. The sunscreen spray thus also helps to prevent sun-related skin damage and premature skin ageing.

UCderm dry oil

For a noticeably soft, refined skin texture

The fast-absorbing, non-greasy skin oil UCderm dry oil immediately gives your skin more suppleness and intensive nourishment. Grape seed, cucumber seed and argan oil, supplemented by vitamin E, strengthen the skin’s protective barrier, support natural skin regeneration and help maintain the skin’s moisture content. Dry, damaged, sensitive and impure skin in particular is soothed, regenerated and strengthened. The result: a noticeably soft, smooth and nourished skin feeling and an even complexion.

Our quality promise

Our UCderm skin care products are all manufactured in Germany. Production is carried out consistently in accordance with the European Cosmetics Regulation and GMP standards. Only the most modern production and process techniques are used and maximum safety standards are maintained in quality management.

In addition, all our formulations are clinically and dermatologically tested and confirmed for quality and skin compatibility. It goes without saying that we avoid any unnecessary ingredients. You will find no parabens, no PEGs, no genetically modified organisms, no aluminium, no silicones, no nanoparticles or unnecessary preservatives in our skincare range.

The advantages of UCderm medical cosmetics at a glance

Flexible supplements for additional skin care success

Each UCderm skincare product offers a proven effective, easy-to-use solution for specific beauty needs – completely independent of age, skin type, gender or season. They can be used individually or in combination with an existing skincare routine. There is no need to replace an existing skincare series.

Unique ingredients in effective concentration

In our formulas, we rely on a combination of exceptional and proven ingredients that are proven to be effective, harmless and sustainably sourced. It goes without saying that we avoid unnecessary substances such as parabens, silicones, aluminium, PEGs, nanoparticles and genetically modified organisms.

Confirmed efficacy and tolerability

The effectiveness and safety of all UCderm formulations have been clinically and dermatologically tested and confirmed. In each case, a small group of test persons was subjectively asked about the properties, the effect and the satisfaction. Furthermore, depending on the product type, additional skin and hair measurements were carried out.

Interesting alternatives to injections

Although limited in its effectiveness to external application, our active cosmetics nevertheless offer a first effective and interesting alternative solution to beauty treatments with injections. Its use is less painful and therefore recommended especially to clients who are afraid of injections, side effects or overcorrections.

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