Naturally younger looking with UCderm Hyaluronic Acid Dermal Filler

*Please note that our UCderm dermal fillers are not yet sold within the European Union as the Common Specifications under the EU Medical Device Regulation are not yet available for dermal fillers.

Pure, cohesively cross-linked hyaluronic acid for injection

Immediately visible, long-lasting results that are reversible

Efficacy and tolerability confirmed in a clinical trial with the Charité Berlin

Development and production
in Germany

Hyaluronic acid that goes under the skin

In addition to our active cosmetics, you will find a range of dermal fillers based on hyaluronic acid under our UCderm brand: UCderm impression, fine, volume and lift. All efficacy levels are composed of 26 mg/ml hyaluronic acid, 3 mg/ml lidocaine hydrochloride and a phosphate buffer. They can be injected directly into the skin individually or in combination with a very fine needle to:

  • Lift fine lines and wrinkles
  • Fill and contour lips
  • Restore facial volume
  • Define facial contours
  • Balance out asymmetries
  • Refine scars
  • Increase the skin moisture and
  • Improve the skin structure and pores.

UCderm impression

For more moisture and finer pores

With UCderm impression, you can compensate the age-related, natural hyaluronic loss of the skin, reduce wrinkles caused by dryness and refine the skin structure, especially pores, without significant volume changes. For this purpose, the cohesively cross-linked hyaluronic acid gel is injected into the high dermis of the face, neck or décolleté using a special injection technique. Thanks to its soft, fine texture and very low viscosity, it binds optimally into the tissue, can be evenly spread and is very well tolerated.

UCderm fine

For first fine lines and the lip contour

UCderm fine, with its very soft, smooth consistency and low viscosity, can be used to fill the first fine lines, f.e. perioral wrinkles, on the face, contour lips and, if you are qualified, lift tear lines. The cohesively cross-linked hyaluronic acid gel is injected into the high to medium dermis or mucosa of the lip tissue. It integrates optimally into the tissue, is characterized by its even durability and is particularly well tolerated.

UCderm volume

For medium wrinkles and lip augmentation

UCderm volume is characterised by its increased viscosity and excellent lifting power with a smooth consistency at the same time. You can use it to lift various types of medium-strong facial wrinkles, enlarge and contour lips, refine scars and balance anatomical or injury-related asymmetries. For this purpose, the cohesively cross-linked hyaluronic acid gel is injected into the medium to deep dermis or into the mucosa of the lip tissue, where it is optimally integrated into the tissue and where it can be excellently massaged.

UCderm lift

For contour changes and adding volume

With UCderm lift you can fill deep facial wrinkles, add volume on cheeks and chin jaw line, refine scars and balance anatomical or injury-related asymmetries. By cross-linking the particulately structured hyaluronic acid gel in a second production step, it provides excellent lifting power and positional stability while maintaining a smooth dosage and very good formability. Injected into the medium to deep dermis, it is not only extremely stable in position and durable, but also very well tolerated.

Comparison of the different levels


High quality standards

UCderm dermal fillers are developed and manufactured by us exclusively in Germany. Production is carried out using state-of-the-art production and process technologies and is subject to strict quality standards and regulations. Their compliance is constantly ensured by our reliable quality management, which is certified according to ISO 13485:2016. You can view the certificate here:

The advantages of UCderm dermal fillers at a glance

Uncomplicated procedure

Treatment with UCderm dermal filler does not take long and is simple, safe and effective. It gives immediately visible, long-lasting results that are reversible and can appear more discreet than those of plastic surgery.

Safe product integration

Only raw materials of the highest purity are used in the production of UCderm dermal fillers. The hyaluronic acid is of non-animal origin and cohesively cross-linked. It binds optimally into the tissue, ensures long-lasting aesthetic results and is extremely well tolerated.

Individual treatment

The four different levels of UCderm dermal fillers all have different viscoelastic properties and can be used individually or in combination. This allows for an aesthetic treatment adapted to every need.

Precise execution

Whether it is the finger plate, injection needle, viscosity or flow properties: all product parts and product characteristics of the UCderm dermal fillers are carefully selected and coordinated with each other. In order to be able to work safely, efficiently and in a targeted manner.

Exact dosing

UCderm dermal fillers have a smooth consistency, which is very easy to inject. They can be applied precisely and safely, spread evenly and give a natural look and feel.

Increased treatment comfort

The addition of the local anaesthetic lidocaine in all UCderm dermal fillers reduces any local pain that may occur during and a short time after treatment. In addition, the injection needle provided has a fine, extremely sharp cut that reduces injection pain.

Important notes

Only to be administered by appropriately trained healthcare professionals who are qualified or accredited in accordance with national law.

UCderm  dermal fillers are indicated for injection into the skin by a legally qualified, medical practitioner. For successful treatment it is essential that the practitioner has been trained in injection technique for soft tissue augmentation. He/she has to be knowledgeable about the anatomy and physiology of the areas to be treated.

UCderm Fillers must not be injected in the glabellar region (forehead) and periorbital area (eyelids, eye shadows, crow’s feet). The application of UCderm fine for lifting the tear trough in the under-eye area is an exception. The application has to be performed only by specialists particulary trained in this technique who have a precise knowledge of the physiology of this certain area. For this area, the use of a blunt cannula is recommended.

UCderm dermal fillers must not be used:

  • In youths under 18 years of age,
  • During pregnancy and breast-feeding,
  • In case of incipient or existing influenza infections,
  • In case of acute systemic infections,
  • In case of skin inflammations (e.g. acne, herpes, psoriasis),
  • In case of a known hypersensitivity to sodium hyaluronate or lidocaine hydrochloride or amide-based local anaesthetics,
  • In case of known autoimmune diseases,
  • In patients with blood clotting disorders or patients on anti-coagulation medication (e.g. aspirin, non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs),
  • In case of acute articular rheumatism with cardiac localization,
  • In patients with a tendency to hypertrophic scarring,
  • In case of untreated epilepsy,
  • In patients who suffer from porphyria,
  • During treatment with drugs tending to slow down or inhibit the liver metabolism (e.g. cimetidine, beta-blockers) and
  • In case of cardiac arrhythmia.

Further information

Each pack of UCderm dermal fillers includes a leaflet and a mandatory patient information leaflet. These contain more detailed information on the intended use, contraindications, application, precautions, side effects and warnings.

You can view these online here:

Compact specialist information

In the following video, Bernd Haefke, COO of UniCare GmbH, summarises all the information that is important for practitioners to know.

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